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RIP John Barry – The inspiration for Sentiment

Posted on Monday 31st January 2011 by louise


I just heard that John Barry died, it made me cry. I don’t normally get upset by famous people dying , I deal with the real people in life and death and that’s emotional enough. I didn’t cry because of his loss I cried because of his amazing influence on me and my gratitude for his life.

 I think Out Of Africa was one of the first videos I remember seeing. I was probably about 7 years old. It was not something I would have chosen to watch, I was more interested in the Care Bears but my mom was a working single parent and the only time we’d actually have time to sit with her and chill out and have a  cuddle was on the sofa with a video.

Still to this day I couldn’t tell you what the story line was about, I’ve not seen it since I was 7, all I remember was how the music had an emotional effect on me,  I remember trying desperately not to cry through the whole movie, I doubt I even understood it , however I could literally feel it in my stomach.  After watching the movie my mom went out and brought the tape and we played in her car for years and years.

My mom brought me a piano when I was 5/6 years old. After I  saw the film it inspired me to started tinkering around, playing stuff  I ‘felt‘ rather than the sheet music that was set by my piano teacher.  I soon began to play by ear and by emotion,  before long my mom saw that  piano exams and grades were not for me, yet she still  paid for piano lessons until I was 15

Not long after I’d seen Out Of Africa we had the washing repair machine man round and I remember the conversation we had  clear as crystal… ‘what do you want to be when you’re older’  my response was ‘ I want to write music for films’  I remember his reaction and was surprised by it…’ Wow, I’ve never heard a little girl want to do something like that before, good for you I hope you do’

Over my childhood I was always composing music and making up little tunes, it was never going to develop into anything other than just a passion, I wasnt a brilliant musician or anything, i just enjoyed it.  I loved music and the way it made me feel, I was a deep romantic from a very early age. By the time I got to university I was intrigued by the power of music in advertising and even did my thesis on it.

My passion of the power of music soon led me to Sentiment Ltd, and I will always say – thank you John Barry for giving so much to this world, and giving so much to me.

John Barry – Out Of Africa – Take a listen to the album.. its timeless and amazing.  

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  1. Tuesday 8th March 2011 at 12:23 pm
    lous mom says:

    oh how that brought a tear to my eye.
    in think Louise remembers the theme music so well. as it was one of my favourites at the time (and still is) I played it when i felt blue. or sad, or just wanted a good old cry at life, how I miss that album as i only have it on vinyl.

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