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National Funeral Exhibition 2011

Posted on Friday 17th June 2011 by louise

NFE 2011 was an incredible year for Sentiment. Having exhibited  in 2009  we found that funeral directors thought  the Sentiment product range was too modern –  however this year things were very very very different…

We had an unpredicted and unexpected interest in all of our range, this left us clinging on to leaflets as they flew off the stand!  We found funeral directors watching the funeral videos from afar, then slowly approaching us to discuss more about the products. As they flicked through the memory books and looked at the DVDs they wanted to know more about Tribute Videos, Filming and photographing funerals and Memory books –  They gave us huge positive feedback.

On Sunday I managed to get off the stand for an hour – As I wondered into hall 1 I was accosted by the Funeral Humor boys, I’d seen the effect their chili sauce was having on people over the weekend and it didn’t look healthy – but their charm won me over and before I knew it I was tasting their ‘Death Chili Dip’ (that comes with a government warning!!!) after a few hours recovery I made my way round to see everyone else.

 I’d like to say thank you to who not only had us on their stand but also offer a free service  for Sentiment Families to upload their tribute videos allowing them to share and view them whenever they like.

Also I would like to thank and for such great entertainment in the evenings AND I really believe in their products .  Thanks to for their free (much needed) massage! We were exhibiting next to them and It always made me laugh because their bar  had people queueing up  for cocktails at 10 IN THE MORNING!!! Thanks to for being as inspirational as ever.  And  I’d also like to say good luck to the newcomers and – We wish you success on the launch of your up and coming new sites.

Sorry to all those I have missed off, and thank you all to a fantastic expo – roll on 2013



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  1. Friday 17th June 2011 at 9:04 pm
    Charles Cowling says:

    So happy for you, Lou. So deserved. So bloody stubborn, so bloody right. You have been brave and resolute and you have kept the faith. And, frankly, some of the latecomers, no disrespect to them, have done it on the back of your pioneering persistence. Hat’s off where hats off are due! Yes, and I’m raising my glass to you!!

    • Saturday 18th June 2011 at 10:08 am
      Louise Harris says:

      Wow Mr Cowling – that means a lot – so thanks you *blush* xxx

  2. Saturday 18th June 2011 at 11:27 am
    Denise Jones says:

    Seconded! Looking forward to 2013 too.

  3. Monday 20th June 2011 at 8:51 am
    Mike says:

    A girl with tenacity, dedication and sales diarrhoea who can certainly talk-for-Britain in the Olympics :-) Lou’ needs the highest heels I’ve seen to get near to hubby. Best wishes for the future

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