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A 16 Year Olds Tribute to her Mother

Posted on Friday 26th March 2010 by louise

The telegraph Headline: ‘Daughter’s tribute to dying mother is a YouTube sensation’

The Metro Headline: ‘Daughter’s YouTube tribute to dying mother becomes hit’

And it even reached the USA – ABC headline: ‘Memorial Video Helps U.K. Teen Raise Funds’

16 year old Sarah Phillips recorded a raw yet stunningly beautiful version of the Autumn, (originally sang by Paulo Nutini ) into her mobile phone hours before her mother died. Later her family friend helped put it to music. They had a professionally edited video tribute / video montage produced using the family home video footage and edited it to Sarahs version of ‘Autumn’ . The video tribute was shown at the funeral last week.

A few days ago the video was uploaded to YouTube and is now it’s achieving worldwide success. Sarah hopes to raise money for Cancer Research – the song is now available on iTunes to download (Autumn – A tribute to Debbie Phillips)

You can feel the pain, the love and the fear in Sarah’s voice when she sings; but when you see the video you can understand – you are drawn in.

Would the campaign be as successful without that Memorial Video Montage? No… Simply because you now get to see where her voice comes from and get a glimpse of the reasoning of her pain and an understanding of the hole that will be left in their family.

The song is a naturally a melancholy song; therefore put this to their home video footage it pulls all the heart strings of anyone who watches it.

It opens that window for a few seconds that you mainly like to keep shut because when you open it you know you have to face that life is very short and it’s too painful to imagine loosing someone you love.

This video will give you a chance to shed a tear you would not normally do on a Friday morning in March while sat at your PC at work. By lunch time you may have forgotten about the pang you felt when you watched it, but subconsciously I hope that maybe you’ll think about dropping your mum a call, or emailing your husband, maybe you’ll stop cleaning the house for a second, or turn off Facebook so you can to turn to your child and say ‘I love you so much’.

I wish Sarah all the luck in the world, she will no doubt succeed in reaching her goal, and find strength to walk down the path of her grief turning it into something very positive.

The Release of Autumn I am sure will be the start of a new and amazing journey for Sarah Phillips.

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  1. Friday 26th March 2010 at 1:02 pm
    Charles Cowling says:

    Beautiful. Heartwrenching. Thank you for this.

    And great to have you back!

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